How to Order

IMPORTANT: Complete your payment within 24 hours after your order or your order will automatically be canceled. If you find your order canceled, please repeat the process and make a new order.

1. Select Product
Select the product you are interested in by clicking the photo for a complete description and close-up images. 

2. Add to Cart
Choose your desired item, color, and quantity, then click ADD TO CART to purchase and view your order by clicking the CART ICON on the upper right side of the web. Choose CONTINUE SHOPPING to add more items or CHECK OUT when you are done.

3. Check Out
If you decide to finalise your order, click CHECK OUT. 

4. Sign In
You must be registered to shop on this webstore, please use your registered email address so that your order will be automatically recorded in your account. For first-time shoppers, simply fill in your details to register.

5. Finish Shopping
An on-screen receipt with an ORDER ID will appear. You will need the ORDER ID to confirm payment (if you choose "Bank Transfer" payment method) and to check your order status. Make sure you write down your ORDER ID in case you need to refer to it later. We will also send you the payment details to your email address.

6. Done!
Thank you for your purchase. Now it's time to sit patiently and wait for your order to arrive in 1-4 business days. Don't forget to tag us on Instagram to win our monthly shopping vouchers :)